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  • PAS 1+4 fruit nectar range[photo]
  • 12% 1+4  Fruit drink  range (HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • 5 litre Burst Nectar Range(HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • 100% Unsweetened Fruit Juice Range (HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • Bulk Packaging Concentrates. Drums, steel drums and flexi-tainers [photo]
  • Lemon Cooking Oil (Available in 250- and 500ml glass bottles) [photo]
  • 1L 100% bottle (Available in 1L 100% bottle) [photo]
  • L'monfizz (Available in 250- and 500ml glass bottles) [photo]

Latest News

19 October 2018

Gin & Juice Cocktails: Gin Berry


The popularity of gin cocktails has taken South-Africa by storm! So much so, that many restaurants lately present their own, separate gin cocktail menus! We, therefore, have decided to jump on this exciting bandwagon AS  WELL,  and  come up with a few excellent and easy gin-and-juice cocktail recipes you can dish up at home! The first one we call a “Gin-Berry” …Read more...