“Q” is for Quince!

Quince is an ancient fruit, found in Roman cooking and grown across Turkey and Southeast Asia. It grows on small trees and is closely related to apples and pears, but it lacks their immediate edibility and appeal. Quince may be the most difficult, yet consequently, rewarding fruit ever encountered, it's completely inedible when raw! Read more...


SKYY Vodka & Juice cocktails: “THE SEDUCER”

“Shaken, not stirred…” is how Mr. Bond would graciously order his vodka martini cocktail. We would strongly advise you to do exactly the same when having one of these exquisite, naughty-but-nice SKYY Vodka and Magalies 100% Cranberry cocktails. Let us introduce you to ‘The Seducer’. Read more….

 “P” is for Pineapple

Q: When is an apple not an apple? A: When it's a pineapple!

Jokes aside, pineapples are tropical fruit that is rich in vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants. They may help boost the immune system, build strong bones and aid in digestion. Also, despite their sweetness, pineapples are low in calories. Read more…

 Gin & Juice Cocktails: Pine Mango Twist

Long-lazy day in the scorching sun? Dreaming of lying on a hammock somewhere on a tropical island with an ice cold one in your hands? No worries, we’ve got your back! The third summer–shaker gin-cocktail on our menu is called the Pine Mango Twist! It’s a first-class ticket taking you straight to that idyllic spot on the beach… Read more

  “O” is for Orange

Orange juice is widely considered one of the healthiest beverages because of its wide range of health benefits, which include its ability to boost immune system function, reduce signs of aging, protect against cancer, boost cellular repair and metabolism, detoxify the body, improve circulation, improves blood pressure, reduces inflammation, and lowers cholesterol levels. Read more…

 Gin & Juice Cocktails: Mango Tango

Are you geared up for summer yet? With temperatures already pushing into the deep 30 degrees Celcius, you are going to need to refresh like a boss, and what better way than with an ice-cold Magalies cocktail! The second summer-shaker gin-cocktail we present on our menu is called a Mango Tango! Let’s dance! Read more.. 

“N” is for Nectarine!

Suppose you have a craving for homemade peach salsa. You have the tomatoes and onions you need to make it, but no peaches. You do, however, have nectarines. If you substitute the nectarines or apricots for the peaches, would it make much of a difference? Aren't they basically the same fruit? Read more...

Gin & Juice Cocktails: Gin Berry

 The popularity of gin cocktails has taken South-Africa by storm! So much so, that many restaurants lately present their own, separate gin cocktail menus! We, therefore, have decided to jump on this exciting bandwagon AS  WELL,  and  come up with a few excellent and easy gin-and-juice cocktail recipes you can dish up at home! The first one we call a “Gin-Berry” …Read more...