Our management

Our management

Management group [photo]

Magalies is run by a formidable team of highly qualified, experienced and committed managers, who are responsible for the day-to-day business, as well as determining and implementing our short- and long-term strategies.

Our management team is also responsible for setting the company’s financial objectives, and ensuring that our targets are reached, while implementing the decisions made by our board of directors.

Directors: AF Barnard (Chairman) • SJ Bezuidenhoudt • TG Coetzee • GS Fourie • HN Schoeman • WJA van Schalkwyk • NR Wenhold

Day-to-day management

Hans du Preez [photo]

Hans du Preez

Chief Executive Officer

Ansja Strydom [photo]

Ansja Strydom

General Manager: Marketing

Herman du Preez [photo]

Herman du Preez

Brand Manager

Cornie Burger [photo]

Cornie Burger

Primary Production Manager

Belinda Erasmus [photo]

Belinda Erasmus

Quality Assurance Manager

Awie Goosen [photo]

Awie Goosen


Henco Terblanche [photo]

Henco Terblanche


Stefan Bisschoff [photo]

Stefan Bisschoff

General Manager: Finance

Hendrik Vorster [photo]

Hendrik Vorster

General Manager: Production

Morné du Plessis [photo]

Morné du Plessis

Marketing Operations Manager

Andries Goosen [photo]

Andries Goosen

Secondary Production Manager

Elmien Lerm [photo]

Elmien Lerm

Senior Product Developer

Corrie Engelbrecht [photo]

Corrie Engelbrecht

Chief Accountant

Ryno Prins [photo]

Ryno Prins

Field Manager


Senior management

Senior management [photo]

Stefan Bisschoff (General Manager: Finance), Ansja Strydom (General Manager: Marketing), Hans du Preez (Chief Executive Officer) and Hendrik Vorster (General Manager: Production).


Marketing team [photo]

Herman du Preez (Brand Manager), Ansja Strydom (General Manager: Marketing), Dries Botha (Marketing Assistant) and Morné du Plessis (Marketing Operations Manager).